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We don’t do snapshots and we don’t do weddings.

What we do is create business art...

the kind that tells stories 24/7.



We grew up in Austin. We love what makes Austin unique and we understand why people want to do business here. We both chose to work in the creative field of marketing because we love the challenges of design and we get excited by the whole process of a campaign.


Photography is Art. Photography is Science. Photography speaks without words and captures mood and time. Photography can open the heart and open the door of opportunity. At least...great photography can.





We create “visual legacy” for individuals and businesses.

Professional. Trustworthy. Approachable.




We are passionate about creating powerful, beautiful and authentic imagery that adds value, tells the story and builds a legacy.


Jim’s first love has been photography. In fact, he and Tena met through a photography group and fell in love with each other’s talent first! He spent years in commercial photography for both local and international firms but is particularly drawn to the beauty of older buildings, architecture, graphic elements and their interaction with light. Jim is the detail man of this partnership and enjoys constantly learning about new techniques and new products and experimenting with different types of lighting. He has developed a passion for light painting which serves as part of his personal creative outlet as well as constantly honing his skills as a photographer.
Check out his own work here.


Tena’s first love was painting. Abstract fine art painting on mostly big canvases. She still loves to paint but years of advertising photo styling gave her a passion for the art of photography. Tena has been known to detour and stop traffic for the perfect photo and fortunately is married to Jim who totally gets that. Tena and Jim never grow tired of the creative process and enjoy the journey as much as the final product.
In May of 2015, she had the honor of giving a TEDx Talk around the tragic loss of her daughter and how that relates to her fine art series called “Wrapture”. Watch here

Tell us what you need. Ask us for a quote.


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