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Angela Dolbear

Author & Musician Extraordinaire

Our Assignment:

To capture Angela’s unique personality and creativity to endear her to her audience, while at the same time, elevating her brand image to better represent her professional status.

Angela is a successful, published author as well as a fabulous singer/songwriter. The goal was to provide her a library of images to draw from while promoting herself and her amazing books across platforms. She has unique tastes and several interesting collections that we wanted to include as well as capturing her at work in her creative space.  We met with Angela both on location and in our studio to get many different “looks” for her. We love her look so much that she has become the face of Austin Pro Photo on many of our own marketing pieces.

"I really enjoyed working with the folks at Austin Pro Photo. I have never been a fan of having my picture taken, but they made the photo shoot relaxing and even fun. I am very pleased with the branding photos I received. They have been an integral part of my marketing campaign. I look forward to working with Austin Pro Photo again."


Angela Dolbear, Author – Cloud Pillar Publishing

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