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Our Assignment:

To create the initial branding images that would become the identity for a bold new company.

“Black Tree is an experiential training company that equips people for survival in unexpected circumstances. It's world class facilities and elite instructors provide exposure to a wide variety of training, appropriately tailored for individuals and groups from the civilian, law enforcement, security, or military sectors”

We initially followed a beta class for two days capturing images that would create the brand personality and distinct message for building client expectations. These days included classroom sessions, live hand-to-hand defense training, survival scenarios and physical workouts. We also worked with them to create dramatic portraits of their elite instructors, a huge tradeshow exhibit backdrop, and specific images to market their firearm safety training and facilities.

"This team really provides comprehensive capability behind the lens… The combination of artistic expression and understanding a client's needs produce images that exceed expectation. They are good listeners and they add value to the creative process… In a crunch they were able to accommodate all the client's needs and the results were spot on with the art direction and brand positioning.

Don't put Austin Pro Photo into any box. They can do it all and do it very well."

 Vincent Salas, Owner – Salas PR

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