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Our Assignment:

To capture engaging images that represent “a day in the life” of a student at the Master’s School of San Marcos - a private Christian school.

These images needed to represent all aspects that make this special place unique. We needed to include their specific plaid, branding and logos, classroom settings, outdoor activities and worship. We wanted to capture the contagious joy, wonder, peace and discovery that felt somehow different than other schools we have visited. These images are being used on their new website, social media and printed materials.

"I hired Austin Pro Photos for new marketing pictures for The Master's School of San Marcos, a Christian private school. When we were dealing with many children and teacher's schedules, it was imperative that the photographers were able to plan really well to cause the least disruption as possible. Tena and Jim worked with me to visually create an overall look and feel for a variety of mediums, including print and web presence. This preparation was the key to a smooth day of shooting and truly fantastic photos - and that really sets them apart from other photographers. I would highly recommend them."

Juli Gilson, Marketing Specialist for The Master's School of San Marcos

"Tena and Jim are not just professional photographers of excellent quality, but they are personable and easy to work alongside. We were VERY pleased with the work they did, from beginning to end. In short, I highly recommend their services!"


Tucker Blythe, Head of School – The Master’s School of San Marcos

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