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Our Assignment:

To capture the excitement at Ebay as the CEO and senior executives visit the Austin offices as well as generate social media and marketing images for their library.

Ebay’s corporate execs were in town for the day. (Their arrival slightly delayed due to their hotel’s power failure and the need to walk down 26 floors.) They were greeted with hundreds of cheering employees and a string trio. Excitement was high and it was obvious that everyone there loves ebay! We captured the initial arrival happiness followed by a tour of the trading floor, a catered lunch, more tours, and an employee Q&A session at the end of the day. There were many selfies and fun moments. Our goal was to capture the company culture through candid working images as well as backstage employee interactions and the fun ebay environment. We created a library of images from the day for ebay to pick and choose from and use for branding across platforms.

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