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Our Assignment:

To help RBank capture the fresh friendly attitude that makes them unique in the banking industry, while maintaining their professional, trustworthy and approachable reputation.

RBank approached us to help them update images for their website re-do and marketing materials. This included exterior and interior photos of eight locations; on-site professional portraits of employees, senior management and board of directors; team shots and environmental action shots etc. We had a great time and LOVE RBank. Every single person we encountered was delightful and professional. 

"...R Bank hired Jim & Tena, the incredible duo that owns Austin Pro Photo. When we sat down with them to explain what R Bank had in mind; they didn’t shy away from the challenge and the multiple requests. Jim and Tena not only delivered but far exceeded R Bank’s expectations by capturing the essence of each Banking Center, their staff and the community they serve, honoring R Bank’s values. They worked around R Bank’s schedule respecting our customer service hours and our staff’s time. Their positive attitude, professionalism and creativity are qualities that set them apart. R Bank appreciates the professional relationship we share with Austin Pro Photo and we’re excited to see what new ideas they bring to the table. Thank you, guys!"


Iliana McNair, R Bank – Shareholders Relations

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