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Our Assignment:

To showcase the craftsmanship of custom furniture built by Trevor Thurow  Custom Furniture and Design for his new website.

When Trevor's wife contacted us about needing photography of their custom furniture before moving, we got really excited. Being creatives, we love to see the work and talk to the people dedicated to make excellent products. Well, Trevor's craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail did not disappoint! It was a fun challenge to capture the richness and texture of the materials (including teak) in both interior and exterior settings. 


Trevor designs and crafts each piece of furniture by hand. He started his business in 2008 after being encouraged by family and friends to pursue his passion for woodwork professionally. Trevor creates custom works for residences as well as local businesses such as Houndstooth Coffee, Blackboard, and Consuela.

"Everything about our experience with Austin Pro Photo was the best.... start to finish. They were so great to work with, the quality of work was amazing, and the turn around time was fast!" 


Jenni Thurow

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