Our Assignment:

To capture inviting images for their new website that depicted an average day in the life of a Chaparral Star K-12 student. We also wanted to capture the feeling of community and mutual respect that the students and teachers have for one another.

Twice the education, half the time.

That’s the motto at Chaparral Star Academy – a public funded charter school originally created by parents for children who needed more flexibility for time intensive extracurricular activities. We were brought in to help them tell their story of excellence and capture their unique personality for their new website. It was eye-opening to see how efficient a half-day schedule can be (how much they can really get done in 4 hours) and how happy the kids were to be there.

We are unable to show many of the photos here because many of these photos included kids and getting permission for minors is sometimes tricky.

Please take a look at their new website to see many other images from this project.