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Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you're not happy,

we're not happy.


  1. We will walk you through the process and make it as easy for you as possible.

  2. You will know (in writing) what you’re agreeing to pay for before the day of the session.*

  3. We will show up where and when we say (Austin traffic permitting!).

  4. We will produce the photos/videos we promised.

  5. You will love them or we will re-shoot.

  6. We will be willing to concept with you to create the strongest ideas possible within your budget and time-frame.

  7. We’ll be completely honest with you at all times…even if your idea is bad, flat out won’t work or if it is out of our capabilities.


*In rare instances, unexpected things occur around a project or on shoot day that are outside of our control and cannot be anticipated – like an act of God (weather), or illness, or a model’s horrible terrible no good hair day. These may require something “extra” like rescheduling, extra retouching or extra “extras”. These issues and costs will be addressed ASAP. Communication is key!



Sometimes re-shooting is not possible. If you are truly unhappy with the photos/videos we created, we will be heartbroken but will of course return your money. In the case of a refund, all rights and usage permissions for our work done on this project are immediately revoked. Once photos/videos are released to the client without watermarks a refund is no longer possible.


50% of deposit is retained by Austin Pro Photo if client cancels less than 48 hours before the scheduled session and does not reschedule.

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