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Tips for

 a great portrait.

The most important thing is to try to relax!

Don’t worry about getting a good shot – that’s our job. You just bring your smile and have fun! We will take care of the lighting and the pose to make sure you look great.


There are always exceptions but in general...

what to wear...

Remember that you are the star and you don't want to compete with your clothes or environment.

• Wear clothes that fit you well, especially around the neck and shoulders. If too big, you'll look shapeless or have bumps where you don't want them. Too small will cause puckers and wrinkles.


• No busy patterns. Tiny patterns cause moiré patterns on screens.  

• No bulky or heavy materials.

• No turtlenecks (depending on the statement you're making and the background).


• Consider your background color. You want to stand out. For instance, if you want a crisp white background, a white shirt may get lost. If outside, you want to wear solid colors different from the environment.


• Wear sleeves - usually professional headshots look better without bare arms (depending on your age and your occupation).

• Wear a classic style that represents you and/or your company - as if you were making a presentation to your most important clients or associates.


• We highly recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done for your portrait. Portraits live a long time. You are making an investment.  You will want to put the best version of yourself out there! 

We are happy to recommend some amazing stylists/artists. 



If• Clean and natural...not overdone. Think nice restaurant vs a dance club.

• If you typically “never wear make-up”…because of the bright lighting, you may want to wear some for your portrait. Mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows, and lipsticks that are only a shade or two darker than your skin tones will help bring out your natural features in a subtle manner, without looking like you’re wearing lots of makeup.

• Non-SPF foundation to avoid “flashback” (or looking like a ghost). Revlon Colorstay Whipped Crème No SPF works pretty well. (Don't try to cover up everything! Just go for an even tone. We can fix all imperfections in your skin.)


• Sheer Envy Primer by Hard Candy or Stay Matte by Rimmel will help shine to disappear, pores seem smaller and blush is smoother.


• Matte lipstick is best. Line lips with the same color as your lip color. Don’t overdo it. No super shiny glosses. Chapstick or Burt’s Bees works nice for both men and women.

beards & hair...

• Wait at least one week after a haircut to have your photo session.


• Don’t try a new style for your portrait.


• Trim and groom your beard. (Darker colored beards tend look thicker in photos)


• Get a good shave that morning. If you have a late afternoon session and you battle the five-o’clock shadow, consider a mid-day shave if possible.


• The “George Clooney” scruffy look often doesn’t work well for a business headshot - unless you are an actor and need that look for a part.

glasses &


Removing glare/reflections from glasses can be very difficult and sometimes impossible. Non-glare glasses work pretty well but consider whether you'd look like "you" without them. 

Simple jewelry is usually better for business portraits, but feel free to express yourself. Remember that you want them to remember your face, not just your amazing earrings.


the night before...

Do yourself a favor and skip the alcohol the night before. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and zaps your natural glow. 


Drink lots of water! 

Drinking water hydrates and increases blood flow to the skin which gives it a more even tone.

Get a good night's sleep!


we'll do our magic -

(a little or a lot)...


Rest portrait leaves our studio without some retouching. If needed, we will brighten your eyes, whiten your teeth, remove stray hairs and make those zits just disappear.

We can even make a few pounds magically disappear. 

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